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Centre for Knowledge Sovereignty (CKS) and Esri India Enter the Pilot Phase of the MMGEIS Program

Centre for Knowledge Sovereignty (CKS) and Esri India Enter the Pilot Phase of the MMGEIS Program

Master Mentors Geo-Enabling Indian Scholars (MMGEIS) Program aims to make India a geospatial technology skilling and innovation hub

The Program aims to engage 1,00,000+ students annually over the next five years

The Centre for Knowledge Sovereignty (CKS) and Esri India announced today the launch of the Pilot program of the Master Mentors Geo-enabling Indian Scholars (MMGEIS) program. Shri A. S. Kiran Kumar, Former Chairperson, ISRO addressed the media along with Dr K. J. Ramesh, Former Director General of Meteorology, IMD, Lt. Gen. Girish Kumar (Retd), Former Surveyor General of India, Shri Vinit Goenka, Secretary, CKS and Shri Agendra Kumar, Managing Director, Esri India. The pilot phase of the program will cover 1000 students across India.

CKS and Esri India Enter the Pilot Phase of the MMGEIS Program

MMGEIS is an online program that aims to inculcate geospatial thinking and develop a research-oriented mindset amongst students from 8th grade to undergraduate level who will form the future workforce of the country. The program aims to engage up to 5,00,000 students over the next five years. In 2022, India saw over 66,400 patent applications including 140 Geospatial patents. The program will work towards fostering a strong IP framework to enable more patents from India in its journey towards becoming a global geospatial innovation hub. Since the launch of the program, both organizations have given shape to their commitment towards stimulating geospatial thinking amongst students thereby accelerating the creation of Intellectual Property in the geospatial sphere in India.

A series of activities have been conducted to lay the groundwork for the MMGEIS program. Some of the notable activities include organizing a roundtable discussion of industry leaders in Delhi on 11 December 2023, facilitating the visit of 42 students from 10 cities to the ISRO Telemetry Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC) centre in Bengaluru on 13 December 2023, and launching the MMGEIS website in Delhi on 10 January 2024.

With these essential groundwork activities completed, the MMGEIS program is now entering its pilot phase. The pilot program will initially be rolled out in select schools and educational institutions, with plans for a wider implementation from June onwards this year. The MMGEIS team is committed to facilitating a transformative learning experience for students and preparing them for the and opportunities of the current digital age.

Addressing the media, Shri A S Kiran Kumar, Member, Space Commission and Former Chairman, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) said, “It is important to enable and empower curious young Indian minds with the tools and knowledge to understand the use of geospatial technology which is rapidly encompassing all aspects of human endeavors. MMGEIS is a powerful medium that will bring to these bright minds the right guidance and skills to usher in an era of innovation in use of geospatial technology.

Shri Agendra Kumar, Managing Director, Esri India, shared, “After successfully completing the essential groundwork activities, we are proud to launch the pilot program for MMGEIS. This pioneering initiative represents our commitment to nurturing the next generation of geospatial innovators and leaders. By equipping students with geospatial awareness and skills, we believe they will be well-prepared to tackle the challenges of the future and make a positive impact on society.”

Shri Vinit Goenka, Secretary, CKS said, “We are extremely proud that within such a short span of time, we are in a position to take MMGEIS to students across India. We are certain that MMGEIS will bring about a revolutionary change in our country. The mentorship that this program will provide to students will change their approach towards education and the focus will be more on understanding and discovering new areas. The day is not far when India will be a world leader in innovation.

Lt. Gen. Girish Kumar VSM, Advisor, Government of Haryana and Former Surveyor General of India highlighted, “MMGEIS program is designed to set the stage for the next level of geospatial research and innovation in our country. By mentoring promising students under the guidance of leading scientists and innovators, we are seeding for a future rich in geospatial expertise and innovation. The goal is to inculcate a way of thinking that encourages students to think differently and take up research and development in the geospatial sphere.

Dr K. J. Ramesh, Advisor, Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System (RIMES) and Former Director General of Meteorology, India Meteorological Department (IMD) shared, “MMGEIS program aligns with Indias goal of becoming a developed knowledge-driven economy, recognizing that development is not just economic growth but also building human capital having innovative and analytical strengths. By equipping our youth with advanced innovative and knowledge skills, we invest in our most valuable asset – our people. These skills are essential for preparing students to become potential future contributors, responsible inventors, entrepreneurs, and citizens of a knowledge-driven country.”

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