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Codename Champion’s Court: A Visionary Offering in Bengaluru’s Real Estate Landscape

Codename Champion’s Court: A Visionary Offering in Bengaluru’s Real Estate Landscape

Ever imagined a living space where urban dwelling meets sportsmanship Enter Codename Champion’s Court: a testament to visionary development in the bustling city of Bengaluru! Originally conceived as a futuristic sporting haven, this unique apartment project faced its fair share of challenges until EXD and Rushmore joined forces with Velociti Promoters who will function as the project’s marketing and sales arm thereby marking a transformative chapter in its journey.

Vivekananda R. of Rushmore & Mr. Rajath of Velociti signing the MOU for Codename Champions Court

With a strategic partnership between EXD and Rushmore, championed by industry veterans Alok Kumar Singh and Vivekananda R, Codename Champions Court is poised for a new beginning. Together, they bring not only expertise but also a shared passion for fostering a culture of athleticism among the youth. By encouraging children to embrace sports, Codename Champions Court aims to redefine sporting culture in Bengaluru, by creating an ecosystem where health and sporting thrive.

To propel this ambitious vision forward, EXD and Rushmore are set to raise Rs. 60 crores, with plans to deploy the investment over the next six months across multiple projects. With a projected top line of close to Rs. 600 crores over the next 48 months, the scale of ambition is matched only by the commitment to excellence. The project promises an impressive offering – half a million sqft across 630 apartments, the project aims to set new benchmarks in urban living. At the heart of its value proposition lies the promise of high-end sporting amenities, catering to the active lifestyle of its residents.

In a strategic alliance with YourOwnRoom, a leading rental management platform, Codename Champions Court offers investors an enticing opportunity, with investment options starting from Rs. 20 lakhs. Additionally, the project boasts a higher-than-normal residential rental yield, ranging from 3.5% to 4%, ensuring a lucrative return on investment.

The developments strategic location in Sarjapur positions it at the nexus of educational excellence and technological innovation. With Sarjapur emerging as the largest schooling hub in the country, it has the highest density of international schools within a 10 Km radius. Further, it is equidistant from the three largest IT hubs in the country – Electronic City, Outer Ring Road, and Whitefield. Codename Champions Court embodies convenience and capital appreciation in equal measure.

What’s in store for the future Rushmore and EXD are on the path to bring 1 Million sq. ft. covering a whopping 400 villas to Bengaluru’s clientele with Velociti as their strategic partner.

Any mention of the project and Velociti’s Co-founders Mr. Tej & Mr. Rajath while beaming with excitement, say, “Codename Champions Court heralds a new era of community living, where innovation, athleticism, and opportunity converge to create a lifestyle unparalleled in Bangalores dynamic real estate landscape. It not only promises to redefine the skyline but also inspire a generation to reach new heights of sporting excellence.”

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Article by Maya Jana

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