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“Dost Banke” – The Indian Music Video That’s Making the World Cry

“Dost Banke” – The Indian Music Video That’s Making the World Cry

The musical masterpiece, “Dost Banke” has gotten an overwhelming response from the audience, moving viewers across the world to tears. This can be witnessed by the fact that the song has gotten over 11 million views and has inspired more than 100,000 reels within just a few days of its release.

The Indian Music Video Thats Making the World Cry

The success of the song goes down to relentless hard work of the talented artists behind its creation. Gurnazar is the maestro behind the soulful lyrics of the song and is also the lead actor in the music video. His performance is complimented perfectly by the super-talented Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary. With around 5 million fans and followers on Instagram, Priyanka is the female lead in the music video. The power-packed performances of the duo didn’t just make the audience emotional but also made the entire crew tear up during the filming of the final sequence. The iconic voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, the legendary Sufi singer, touched the hearts of millions. As per the audience, no one else could have justified the emotions of the song the way he did.

The audiences are loving the emotional depth in the music video directed by Abhaynoor Singh, and are giving rave reviews about it online. The director is well-known for his brilliant understanding of the complexities of social and cultural nuances. People are relating their experiences of relationships and heartbreak with the video, as expressed in the YouTube comments. Many viewers are even asking for a sequel to the story as the narration is like a short film that kept the viewers invested.

Director Abhaynoor Singh highlighted his vision while directing the song, “Through ‘Dost Banke, I wanted to highlight how, knowingly and unknowingly, people hurt others for momentary and worldly pleasures. It was an attempt to touch on the lasting impression that such behaviours leave on an individual’s persona, leading to traumas that can be devastating sometimes, as in this music video. I wished to leave the audience with a moment of reflection to ponder over these deep themes. The video has touched the right chord, which is fulfilling as a director.”

Dost Banke questions multiple norms at the same time. It is a multifaceted story with a substance that has set a new paradigm in the music industry.

Video Link: www.youtube.com/watchv=I0IbIl4mHwI.

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