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StockGro and The Economic Times Announce Strategic Partnership to Empower Indian Investors

StockGro and The Economic Times Announce Strategic Partnership to Empower Indian Investors

In a significant development in the financial education landscape, StockGro, Indias leading social investment platform, has partnered with The Economic Times to leverage The EconomicTimes’ ET Markets extensive knowledge base in equity markets. This collaboration marks a monumental step towards expanding StockGros mission to democratize financial education and empower Indians to achieve financial freedom with partnerships with leader platforms for equity market news and knowledge. With this partnership, StockGro aims to reach a wider audience and create tailored content to educate investors, beginners and the seasoned alike.

StockGro x ETMarkets

Did you know that 72% of Indians lack the essential financial knowledge required for effective investing With India poised to become a global economic powerhouse, the need for comprehensive financial education is more critical than ever. The countrys economy is expected to grow to a staggering $5 trillion by 2025, presenting a vast opportunity for wealth creation. This growth underscores the importance of addressing the financial literacy gap among new investors.

StockGro, in partnership with ETMarkets by The Economic Times, is set to change the narrative by providing tailored content aimed at educating investors at every level. This strategic initiative not only aims to reach a broader audience but also to enrich the quality of financial discourse and learning.

Between April and November 2021, there was a remarkable increase of 28.6 million new accounts with CDSL and NSDL, reflecting a surge in investing interest among Indians,” said Ajay Lakhotia, Founder of StockGro. “Yet, it is alarming that over 75% of Indian adults still lack basic financial literacy, with women experiencing an even larger gap. This partnership will help bridge this knowledge divide and foster a financially literate community.”

StockGro offers a unique platform combining social networking with investment education, allowing users to learn trading and investing skills across various asset classes in a risk-free simulated environment. The strategic alliance with The Economic Times will enhance this experience by integrating real-time, high-quality market updates from ET Markets, one of the most reliable financial news sources.

About StockGro

StockGro is India’s premier financial education network, revolutionizing the way people learn about investing and trading. Through its innovative social investment platform, StockGro provides immersive learning journeys where users can experiment with trading strategies in real-time and without financial risk. Since its inception during the pandemic, StockGro has rapidly grown to engage over 3 million users daily, including students and professionals, making financial education accessible and practical.

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