Tuesday, 16th July, 2024

GJC Announces 13th Edition of National Jewellery Awards 2024

After a successful completion of 12 editions, All India Gem & Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC), the national apex body of the gems and jewellery industry, is inviting entries for the 13th edition of National Jewellery Awards (NJA’24) – Pratibha ka Utsav. The premier industry association is opening to accept entries from 21st June 2024. Interested award enthusiasts may send their entries online via website www.gjc.org.in by 18th August 2024.

The Screening jury round to be conducted on 30th August 2024 followed by the Grand jury round of the 13th edition of NJA’24 on 17th September 2024. The jury includes industry veterans, entrepreneurs, advisers, financiers, among others, is scheduled to select winners for their distinction in designs, craftsmanship, finishing, intellectuals in marketing, exports, etc., which has set milestones in their respective fields, and set a roadmap for others to follow. The NJA’24 award ceremony is scheduled to take place at Jasmine Hall, Jio World Convention Centre, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai on 26th September 2024.

The unique feature of this year’s NJA’24 is the widening coverage of segments. NJA’24 will consist of six award segments, which will be further divided into 35 sub-categories. This year, the entire segment of India’s jewellery value chain will be covered for the benefit of various sectors of the Indian jewellery industry.

Mr. Saiyam Mehra, Chairman of All India Gem & Jewellery Domestic Council, stated, “The 13th edition of NJA’24 is a testimony of the successful completion of its 12 such events in the past. The National Jewellery Award brings nationwide recognition and a unique identity for the Indian jewellery industry. NJA 2024 will offer an immense opportunity for national identification in the gems and jewellery industry, helping achievers stimulate growth in their businesses. NJA symbolises creativity and innovations, building sustainable imagery within the industry and among direct customers. It contributes to enhancing individuals’ knowledge of the latest industry trends and fashion, inspiring passion, craftsmanship, and devotion to the ‘Make in India’ ethos in gems and jewellery manufacturing.”

Mr. Rajesh Rokde, Vice Chairman of GJC, commented, “My experience at the previous 12 editions of NJA was thrilling. Winners are required to undergo a rigorous selection process as they compete with thousands of other players to claim the accolade. In the 13th edition of NJA’24, we have expanded the horizon for jewellery enthusiasts to cover all segments of the industry. NJA indirectly helps encourage competence in terms of designs and industry trends, providing an opportunity to showcase one’s talent in the industry and opening up the untapped business potential.”

Mr. Sunil Poddar, Convenor of NJA, said, “We are overwhelmed to bring in numerous talents on the front page of the industry, who otherwise do not get opportunities to showcase their talent. NJA is considered to be the industrys biggest and widest award show, recognizing all sectors of the industry and providing a platform to discover talent in their respective fields. Known for its commitment to craftsmanship, dedication, and motivation within the industry, NJA is appreciated and encouraged for its role in stimulating growth and creativity. Nurturing creativity and honouring innovation, inspiration, passion, craftsmanship, and devotion that inspires the emergence of new talent is the core objective of NJA.”

Mr. Avinash Gupta, Co-Convener of NJA, expressed, “The 13th edition of NJA’24 is unique in itself. This year, we have introduced 2 new categories:

Jewellery Innovation Excellence Award – Applicants get to showcase unique and original designs with innovative techniques or materials, demonstrate high-quality craftsmanship, and have a strong aesthetic appeal.

Jewellery of the Year (Theme – Colonial Elegance and Indian Heritage): This theme invites designers to create jewellery that blends the opulence of the British Raj with Indias cultural legacy.

NJA will have six award segments which are further divided into 35 sub-categories to cover all segments of the jewellery industry starting from students, designers, jewellery awards, store awards, the women entrepreneurs, thus encouraging the entire value chain of the Gems & Jewellery Industry.”

About GJC

All India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC) represents lakhs of trade constituents comprising manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, laboratories, gemologists, designers and allied services to the domestic gems & jewellery industry. The Council functions with the objective to address the industry, its functioning, and its cause with a 360 approach to promote and progress its growth while protecting the industrys interests. GJC, for the last 18 years, has been serving as a bridge between the government and the trade by undertaking various initiatives on behalf of and for the industry.

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