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Red FM Presents Spoken Word Haven “The Kavi Collective – Regional Edit”

Red FM Presents Spoken Word Haven “The Kavi Collective – Regional Edit”

India’s leading private radio and entertainment network, Red FM is proud to announce the return of “The Kavi Collective – Regional Edit,” a poetry festival celebrating the culture of spoken word in India. The event is scheduled to take place in 8 Indian cities from 17th February to 22nd March 2024.

Red FM Presents Spoken Word Haven “The Kavi Collective – Regional Edit”

“The Kavi Collective” is a flagship initiative by Red FM that offers a platform for artists to share their tales of love, hope, and the human experience through the power of spoken word. “The Kavi Collective – Regional Edit” will traverse various Indian regions, including Jabalpur, Nashik, Indore, Bhopal, Kanpur, Praygraj, and Jaipur. This year, the festival expands its reach beyond Delhi, where it has enjoyed successful seasons both online and on-ground. Experience an evening filled with verses, perspectives, and the magic of spoken word with two prominent artists, Sudeep Bhola, Ashok Chakradhar and Dinesh Bawra.

Speaking on the announcement, Nisha Narayanan, Director & COO, RED FM, and Magic FM, said, “In the world of spoken word, we at Red FM humbly embrace and promote the return of poetry to its roots. After 5 efficacious years of bringing The Kavi Collective online and on-ground in Delhi, this year we are giving it a regional maneuver. Some of these regions have birthed legendary poets that continue to inspire many. Therefore, with the regional edit of The Kavi Collective, we are hopeful that spoken word poetry will once again become a lifestyle for the listeners.”

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Poet Performing

On-Ground On


Ashok Chakradhar | Sudeep Bhola

17th Feb


Dinesh Bawra

17th Feb


Ashok Chakradhar | Dinesh Bawra

24th Feb


Ashok Chakradhar | Dinesh Bawra

25th Feb


Ashok Chakradhar | Dinesh Bawra

9th March


Ashok Chakradhar

10th March


Ashok Chakradhar

17th March


Ashok Chakradhar | Dinesh Bawra

22nd March

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