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TCM Platform’s Spectacular Tribute to #Queendom will Kick Off WPL 2024 Opening Ceremony

TCM Platform’s Spectacular Tribute to #Queendom will Kick Off WPL 2024 Opening Ceremony

TCM Platform is set to dazzle audiences once again with a Spectacular Tribute to #Queendom at the Womens Premier League (WPL) 2024 Opening Ceremony, taking place on the 23rd of February 2024. This event will celebrate the extraordinary achievements of women in cricket and pay homage to their unwavering dedication and skill on the field.

The Biggest Entertainment Extravaganza

In the last ten years, womens cricket has grown remarkably, shattering stereotypes, and breaking down barriers in the traditionally male-dominated sport. TCM Platform pays tribute to the Queens of their #Queendom as we watch in awe of their unmatched strength and agility through the Opening Ceremony, as they have become role models for millions of young girls in the country.

The WPL 2024 Opening Ceremony boasts a star-studded lineup that brings together Bollywood icons renowned nationwide. With the likes of Shah Rukh Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Tiger Shroff, Sidharth Malhotra, and Kartik Aaryan gracing the stage, audiences can anticipate an unparalleled evening of celebration. This amalgamation of artists promises a truly unforgettable experience at a scale that has never been seen before, uniting fans of cricket and cinema alike in a shared moment of admiration and recognition for the achievements of women in sports.

Alongside the extraordinary lineup of stars poised to captivate the audience, the event is set to be accompanied by a series of breathtaking performances meticulously crafted by renowned choreographer Shiamak Davar. The stunning set of performances serves as a tribute to the teams gearing up to compete in the league, adding an immersive element to the overall experience.

Ria Agnihotri, Managing Partner, TCM Platform, expressed, “The Women in Blue have been a true inspiration for millions of young girls aspiring to pursue sports. Through this celebration, we aim to acknowledge the strength and agility of these women players, who have become role models for the nation. We want to celebrate the rigour, passion, and effort that women put into an atmosphere where they strive to outdo themselves as athletes.”

Chanda Singh, Director of TCM Platform and CEO of XP&D, said, Celebrating the unstoppable spirit of women in cricket is one of those things that never fails to amaze me. As we gear up for the WPL 2024 opening ceremony, were incredibly excited to salute these phenomenal athletes whove shown unwavering dedication and prowess on the field. This event isnt just about cricket; its a vibrant tribute to the relentless pursuit of excellence by these remarkable women in sports.”

The WPL 2024 Opening Ceremony seeks to honour the rigour, passion, and relentless effort that women athletes invest in their pursuit of excellence. TCM Platform invites the entire nation to join in recognising and celebrating the remarkable achievements of these women in cricket.

Stay tuned for an unforgettable evening as TCM Platform pays tribute to the Queens of their #Queendom at the WPL Opening Ceremony.

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