Thursday, 13th June, 2024 Unveils a New Era of Curated Premium Travel Unveils a New Era of Curated Premium Travel is the newest travel booking platform for premium lifestyle travellers. It is an invitation-only passport to a world of quiet luxury, curated specifically for the traditional and contemporary globetrotter alike.

Contemporary, cosmopolitan, clever and cultural, the essence of Privilege Rooms’ identity finds expression in a new premium market lifestyle

Imagine waltzing through the gilded doors of a five-star Parisian palace, or sinking your toes into the sands on the beaches of Bali – all at a fraction of the usual cost. Privilege Rooms unlocks these doors, offering exclusive member rates that could see you basking in opulence for 33% to a staggering 70% less.

Membership grants you perpetual access to a meticulously vetted portfolio of premium accommodations. At Privilege Rooms travellers can discover three-, four-, and five-star havens that cater to the most well-heeled and well-travelled clientele. Think bespoke experiences, impeccable service, and settings that redefine exclusivity.

Privilege Rooms membership is by invitation only. You will need an existing Privilege Rooms member to extend a golden ticket into this world of hushed whispers and hidden gems. Consider it an acknowledgement of your discerning taste and a gateway to a travel revolution for the truly elite.

The platform offers unparalleled service with 24/7 dedicated customer support available around the clock, ensuring every detail of your travel experience is impeccably managed.

Speaking on the launch of, Co-founder Mr. Bharat Ratanpal said, “Privilege Rooms will be a great addition to the legacy travel industry. Hotel prices have been incredibly steep in recent times. It has been a deterrent for travellers. Privilege Rooms has been designed to help travellers save more on the hotel they are going to book. It also allows them to experience hotels they never thought they’d book.”

Privilege Rooms will be a game-changing experience in the travel and hospitality space. We want to build a community of passionate and frequent users. The goal is to encourage them to spend less, travel more…, travel better. We are determined to make each trip an unforgettable memory,” said Mr. Jaikishan Mulchandani, Co-founder –

Users can engage with confidence, knowing Privilege Rooms is a Trustpilot verified platform, guaranteeing peace of mind and exceptional service.

For more information go to or download the Privilege Rooms mobile app now (Available on Android and iOS).


Privilege Rooms, the brainchild of entrepreneurs Bharat Ratanpal and Jaikishan Mulchandani, aspires to disrupt the travel industry with a curated approach to premium stays at exclusive rates.

As a closed user group catering to a niche clientele, Privilege Rooms provide insider access to an unmatched portfolio of three, four and five-star accommodations befitting of sophisticated and well-travelled consumers.

Bharat Ratanpal a prominent veteran in the Indian hospitality space, has a proven track record of leading and managing teams across diverse markets and segments. From leisure to business, from luxury to large inventory hotels, he has worked with some of the most renowned hotel brands in the world, such as Marriott, Hyatt, and InterContinental.

Jai Mulchandani, a scion of the Mulchandani family and Director at Kailasa Specialty Cuisine Pvt. Ltd., embodies the evolution of a 72-year-old restaurant brand. As a third-generation leader, he steers the expansion of the iconic “Kailash Parbat” chain across India.

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