Tuesday, 25th June, 2024

Unnecessarily Moving On Railway Track Can Lead To Tragic Death

Unnecessarily Moving On Railway Track Can Lead To Tragic Death

Kolkata: Tragic incidents of death due to run over at level crossings or passing through railway tracks while talking on mobile are resultant of unmindful movement and breaking of safety norms.

Eastern Railway authorities in regular intervals arrange campaign in conventional media, social media as well as direct communication for awareness building about safety rules to be followed at level crossings or avoiding trespassing through railway track.

The people who found disobeying safety rules and trespassing the railway track were even counselled on several occasions for restraining themselves from risking their own lives. Though initial response is good but the same incidents of trespassing through railway track or entering forcibly at level crossings while the level crossing gate is closed are often observed and accidental deaths or injuries are also continuing to take place.

According to reports, 1794 people died in 2022-23 due to run over in Eastern Railway whereas in 2023-24 till date i.e. from April 2023 to January 2024 the total death toll on railway line is 1485. These tragic incidents may easily be avoided in case the victims have followed minimum safety norms.

Kausik Mitra, Chief Public Relations Officer, Eastern Railway stated, “Eastern Railway hopes that people will not pass through the railway tracks unnecessarily. A moment’s inattention while on or near railway track may lead to tragic incidents.”


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