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India Book of Records Honours MMTC-PAMP as India’s Purest Gold and Silver Coins/Bars Brand

India Book of Records Honours MMTC-PAMP as India’s Purest Gold and Silver Coins/Bars Brand

MMTC-PAMP is the only gold and silver refiner to win the recognition of being the purest in the country

Gold and silver minted products come with 999.9+ purity level

Gold is a symbol of prosperity and well-being in India. The allure of gold has been growing across generations. Thus, for consumers and investors, it becomes vital they choose gold and silver products with the highest purity level.

Mr. Vikas Singh, MD & CEO, accepts the prestigious award for MMTC PAMP, recognized as Indias Purest Gold & Silver Coins/Bars Brand by the India Book of Records

In this endeavour, MMTC-PAMP, India’s only London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) – accredited Good Delivery Gold and Silver refiner, has been recognised as the country’s only brand providing the purest gold and silver coins and bars with 999.9+ purity level and positive weight tolerance to consumers and investors.

Many players in India offer 24K gold which can be represented as 999 fineness. This 999 fineness gold is 999 parts pure gold out of 1,000 parts, with small traces of other metals. MMTC-PAMP consistently provide minted gold and silver coins and bars with the highest purity level at 999.9+, meaning, customers will receive over 999.9 grams of gold or silver out of 1,000 grams of the respective precious metal.

Speaking on the honour and recognition of this award, Mr. Vikas Singh, Managing Director and CEO, MMTC-PAMP, said, “We are truly honoured to be recognized as India’s purest gold and silver brand by the India Book of Records. This achievement reflects our firm commitment to providing our customers with products that exemplify the pinnacle of purity and artistry, with up to 999.9+ purity gold and silver products. This recognition reflects our commitment to excellence through the finest Swiss craftsmanship. At MMTC-PAMP, we take pride in crafting exceptional products that resonate deeply with our consumers’ needs. We hope that our products not only serve as treasures for our customers but also become cherished souvenirs symbolizing blessings, prosperity, and new beginnings.”

When it comes to gold refining, MMTC-PAMP is the only refinery that uses silver as the balance metal, thus providing customers with a more valuable minted gold product. By aiming to surpass the conventional 999.9 purity, MMTC-PAMP seeks to establish a new gold standard for the industry. This record attempt is not just about breaking records; its about redefining what customers can expect from the gold they invest in.

Every product created by MMTC-PAMP goes through a rigorous purification process to ensure 999.9+ purity of the metal. To validate the authenticity, every MMTC-PAMP product carries a unique number and comes packaged in Assayer Certified Minted Cards. Each gold and silver product bought from MMTC-PAMP offers positive weight tolerance, which guarantees that every coin or bar one buys weighs more than the listed weight, ensuring customers receive the highest value for their investment.


A joint venture between Switzerland-based bullion refinery, PAMP SA, and MMTC Ltd., a Miniratna and Government of India Undertaking. MMTC-PAMP is the only LBMA-accredited gold & silver good delivery refiner in India and is accepted across global commodity exchanges and central banks. The company seamlessly marries Swiss excellence with Indian insights. MMTC-PAMP India Pvt. Ltd. is internationally recognized as an industry leader in bringing global standards of excellence to the Indian precious metals industry.

MMTC-PAMP has received several awards since its inception from local and global industry bodies for Refining, Brand and Sustainability. Also, MMTC-PAMP is Indias First Precious Metals Company to have Science-based Emissions Reduction Targets Approved by the SBTi.

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