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U.S. Immigration Fund Introduces AREA15 Phase 2, District as Premier EB-5 Investment Opportunity

U.S. Immigration Fund Introduces AREA15 Phase 2, District as Premier EB-5 Investment Opportunity

U.S. Immigration Fund (USIF), recognized as a leading EB-5 Regional Center, is excited to announce its latest project, the AREA15 District in Las Vegas. This project leverages the success of AREA15, an innovative immersive entertainment and retail experience, and expands it into a ground-breaking 40-acre district designed to transform the Las Vegas entertainment landscape.

Nicholas A. Mastroianni, III, President and Chief Marketing Officer of U.S. Immigration Fund (USIF)

Named as the most visited attraction in 2022 by Placer A.I., AREA15 offers EB-5 investors a unique chance to invest in a high-demand, rapidly growing sector. With over 88% of the space already pre-leased, this project underscores the robust demand and expansion potential within the immersive entertainment industry.

A Unique Investment in Immersive Entertainment

Nicholas Mastroianni III, President of USIF, highlighted the projects significance, “The AREA15 District represents a unique blend of entertainment and retail, setting a new standard for immersive experiences in Las Vegas. Our EB-5 investors have an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to a project that not only promises substantial growth but also aligns with the EB-5 programs job creation goals.”

The AREA15 District is poised to become a landmark destination, incorporating a diverse mix of attractions, including a year-round horror experience by Universal Studios, interactive monumental art including a Boeing 747 airplane from Burning Man, a brand new, residential community, marquee concerts, robust corporate events, and approximately 290,000 square feet of coveted experiential retail. This expansion builds on the proven success of AREA15, promising to attract millions of visitors and create numerous jobs.

Investment Opportunities and EB-5 Program Benefits

U.S. Immigration Fund is now inviting EB-5 investors to invest in the AREA15 District project, offering a pathway to permanent U.S. residency through investment in a high-growth industry. This project stands out for its potential to deliver both financial returns and fulfils the job creation criteria essential for the EB-5 visa program.

Interested investors are encouraged to contact USIF to learn more about this unique investment opportunity and the benefits of the EB-5 program.

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